Indeed Assessments update: New skills tests expedite the hiring process

Employers can add up to two skills tests on Indeed job posts, allowing candidates to show off abilities and companies to hire quicker.

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The Indeed Assessments platform from job search site Indeed announced updates to its automated candidate screening process on Thursday, according to a blog post

The new skills test bundling feature allows employers to add up to two skills tests to each job posting, or send multiple skills tests to applicants. This tool helps recruiters find candidates that best meet the necessary skill sets for the role, and allows applicants to show off their applicable skills. 

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The post provided an example of how the new tool might be used. If a job seeker is applying for a marketing manager position, the employer that posted the job on Indeed can add skills tests such as “Social Media Skills” and “Search Engine Optimization Skills” to the listing. 

Candidates then take the tests as a part of the application process to demonstrate they have the necessary skills, according to the blog post. 

What is Indeed Assessments?

Released in 2018, Indeed Assessments is a free tool that aims to expedite the candidate screening process through automation.

Through the system, employers can screen candidates for specific skills related to the job posting, both cutting down on time and reducing bias.

The initial version of Indeed Assessments allowed hiring managers to screen candidates with one assessment. The project proved to be a success: More than 70 million skills tests have been completed by job seekers globally and more than 600,000 employers are using the tool, according to the post.

The Indeed Assessments team surveyed more than 500 employers and 500 job seekers to gain insight into how the assessments have directly helped the hiring process.

More than half of respondents responsible for recruitment or hiring (55%) said they think resumes are insufficient for evaluating candidates. Some 58% said they are more likely to advance a candidate who can demonstrate necessary skills for the role.

Of the recruiters who used skills test when hiring, the majority (78%) said the tests helped them quickly verify a candidate’s ability to do the job. Another 71% said that skills tests made it easier to find relevant candidates, according to the post.

Candidates are on board with the tests: Nearly three-quarters (72%) of job-seeking respondents said they want to prove they have the required skills for a role, and more than half (55%) said they would feel more confident applying for a job if they could prove they have the skills, as stated in the post.  

Changes in the new assessment platform 

The previous platform only allowed employers to add one skills test, now they can add two, as previously mentioned. 

Job seekers can also now proactively take tests and add them to their Indeed Resume for employers to see, according to the post. 

US employers can then use Indeed Resume to search for candidates with specific skills and filter for candidates who have demonstrated they have the desired skill set for a position. 

Skills test can cover technical skills such as computer skills or critical thinking, as well as personality. Popular personality assessments include “Reliability” and “Customer Service Fit,” according to the post. 

Creating a general Indeed account is free, as is Indeed Assessments with skills tests bundling. The feature is currently being rolled out to US employers, as stated in the post. 

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